Media+ : HD Video Player & HQ Music Player (App)


The most professional and simplest media center for android.

Playback HD videos and high quality musics, also a great multimedia center.
The professional multimedia player software for Android, with it like with a mini cinema in the side. It is definitely your best partner watching videos on your android devices!
Uses the intelligent detection adaptive algorithm, combined with the underlying hardware decoding technology, making the picture more high-definition and video playback smoother.
Media feature
Video player features:
– Support most of all video formats.
– Automatically scan video files.
– Supports multiple subtitle formats, automatic synchronization.
– Easy to manage videos.
– Play videos as audio.
– Video size.(auto fit,fit horizontal,fit vertical,fill screen,16:9,4:3,center)
– Force video chroma.(RGB 32bit,RGB 16bit,YUV)
– Video screen orientation.
– Theme.(Light/Dark)
– Flash formats video – flv, asf videos.
– Play video stream.
– Local network share.
– Hardware acceleration.
– Lock screen when playing video.
– Video play gestures.(brightness,seek,volume)
– Supports self-induced adjust the screen brightness.
– Playback seed.
– Sleep timer.
– Jump to time.
– History.

Music player features:
– Automatically scan music files.
– Automatic classification.(Artists,albums,songs,genres,playlists)
– Play audio stream.
– Music play gestures.(lock screen,subtitle,play as audio,remove songs,rearrange order,hold to seek)
– Set music as ringtone.
– Equalizer.(Flat,classical,club,dance,full bass,full bass and treble,full treble,headphones,large hall,live,party,pop,reggae,rock,ska,soft,soft rock,techno)
– Theme.(Light/Dark)

Supported video formats:

Supported audio formats:

Play PSP, SNES, GBA, GBC, NES, Sega Genesis, NDS, N64 Games


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  2. Abo diaa Reply

    Whenever she held (video) says they Panel comes here error occurred when running! why?

  3. delanos florian Reply

    I vé but a license for gorsr ans hé s not présent on p’ay store after reinstall please what i do for chek m’y licende buy thanks

  4. Etete Reply

    I sent a message before,that this application does not play any of my audio music I deleted it and re install but is the same problem

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